Our Team


Julie Dybbro, ARNP, PhD

Women's Health, Hormones, Menopause, Transgender Care

Julie Dybbro founded Complete Women's Healthcare in 2005 to help provide comprehensive women's health and transgender care to our community.  Julie has been trained and certified with The North American Menopause Society (menopause.org), the International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health (ISSWSH) and the International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal Disease (ISSVD). She offers state of the art hormone delivery methods (including subdermal hormone pellets) for menopause, testosterone deficiency in men, and gender confirming hormone therapy for transgender individuals.  She also specializes in vulvar issues such as lichen sclerosis, pain with sex, libido, and does some sexual counseling.  Julie has a pack of dogs, is an avid gardener, and a lifelong equestrian, competing in dressage with her 2 horses.


Judy Irwin

Clinic Manager

Judy is a delightful addition to our team, she comes with many years of experience and a sense of humor to boot. She has a herd of chickens and ducks and knows her way around a tractor.


Dana Richards

Medical Assistant

We got lucky when we found Dana; she is a very experienced, efficient, and energetic addition to our clinic.


Jennifer (Jenna) Dueñas

Medical Assistant

Jenna represents another lucky stroke as she comes to CHC with years of experience and a great attitude. She also speaks Spanish.


Louise Boxill, ARNP, CNM, ND

Nurse Practitioner

CHC is so happy to announce the addition of Louise Boxill, ARNP, CNM, ND to our clinic. Louise  comes with years of experience as a Nurse Practitioner and is also board certified as a Naturopathic Doctor. She brings so many skills with her! Louise has worked extensively in women’s reproductive/fertility medicine, is very experienced in hormone replacement for menopausal women including subdermal pellet management, and has practiced Naturopathic Medicine in several different settings. She wears her ND hat alongside her Nurse Practitioner skills to manage complex gut issues, inflammation in the body, etc., (using both Western medicine as well as nutritional and supplement support as needed). Louise is able to put the whole picture together with knowledge, compassion, and a little humor as well. Louise can do routine annual exams, primary care, hormone replacement management, pellet insertions, contraception management and more.


Departed but not Forgotten

Amy Kunkel has served CHC as manager from its inception in 2005. Amy was instrumental in establishing CHC (originally known as Complete Women's Health Care) as the premier health clinic that it remains today. Julie Dybbro will always hold Amy's contribution to CHC dear. Amy will continue her career as the manager of Titan Healthcare. 

Morgan Zentner, ARNP has finished her tenure at Complete Health Care of Olympia and is joining Amber Campbell, ARNP at Titan Healthcare. CHC is committed to their patients, regardless of which provider they have seen. Some patients have chosen to follow Morgan or Amber to Titan Healthcare, some have chosen to continue part or all of their care at CHC. Our primary goal at CHC is that every patient gets the care they need with the provider of their choice.

Carole Layton also joins Titan Healthcare.