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We offer primary care and specialty healthcare focusing on healthy aging and sexual health for all genders and ages from 14yo and beyond. We provide the full compliment of women's healthcare except pregnancy. Our focus is primary care of the adult, contraception, hormone services for menopause, testosterone deficiency, and transgender health care. We also have decades of experience doing sub-dermal hormone pellets (testosterone and estrogen) for all genders.

We are booking in-person and telehealth appointments, whichever best suits your needs or situation. (We still require masks but our waiting room is now open. You no longer need to text when you arrive. Just come on in!)



Morgan Zentner, ARNP has finished her tenure at Complete Health Care of Olympia and is joining Amber Campbell, ARNP at Titan Healthcare. CHC is committed to their patients, regardless of which provider they have seen. Some patients have chosen to follow Morgan or Amber to Titan Healthcare, some have chosen to continue part or all of their care at CHC. Our primary goal at CHC is that every patient gets the care they need with the provider of their choice. Julie Dybbro, ARNP, PhD continues to focus on menopause, transgender, and gynecology. Louise Boxill, ARNP, CNM, ND is available for private consultations (see the Meet the Team section.) If patients need to contact Amber or Morgan at Titan Healthcare, here is their information:
titanhcoly@gmail.com      titanhealthcare.org



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Closed Wednesdays and Weekends

2022 Office Closure Dates

January 17

February 21

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November 24 - November 25

December 23-December 26

December 30-January 2

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If you already have an account with Elation Passport (our electronic medical record) that is the best way to get a message to us. We’re here for you when you need us. Alternatively, call us (360-754-9409) to schedule an appointment or use the contact form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 
Please do not send personal medical information or questions about your healthcare through this portal as it is not HIPPA secure.  For personal healthcare needs please reach out through Elation Passport.

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